Maintenance Mode by IP, or MMIP for short, comes with great features that are aimed to enhanced your productivity while providing a great user interface to your visitors.

Features include:

  • Allow more than one IP to access your site while on maintenance mode
  • Redirect unauthorized visitors to a page (default) or to an specific url.
  • Customize the contents of the page your visitors will see while your site is on maintenance mode
  • Show a countdown timer
  • Select from amazing backgrounds or upload your own background image to use.
  • Display links to your social profiles
  • Allow visitors to subscribe to your mailing list ( Provided by MailChimp ) while your site is on maintenance mode.
  • Securely avoid spam by using Google reCaptcha with your Subscribe Form.


General Settings

To enable Maintenance Mode, click on the General tab, set the switch next to 'Maintenance Mode' label to ON by clicking on it. It will turn blue.

IMPORTANT: If you have not yet provided an Allowed IP, by default, your current IP will be used.

You can select to send unauthorized visitors to either a Page or a URL. 

By default, visitors will be send to a page that is created/deleted automatically when the Maintenance Mode status changes. You can also select another existing page.

When selecting to send visitors to a URL, be sure to enter the full URL to use.

Click "Save General Settings" to save your changes.

Design Settings


Social Settings

In order to display your social profile icon, you must enter its username/handler. 

MailChimp & Google reCaptcha Settings

To show a Subscribe form while in maintenance mode, go to the MailChimp tab and set "Add Mailchimp Subscribe Form" to ON and provide your MailChimp API key.  

Please enter your MailChimp API. To find more about how to get an API from Mailchimp, click here.

You can customize the Subscribe Form title and the message that will be shown after a successful subscription.

If you want to add the powerful security feature from Google reCaptcha, set the "Add Google reCaptcha" to ON. MMIP currently support Google reCaptcha v3 only.

Click here to generate your Google reCaptcha v3 keys. 

You must provide your Google reCaptcha Site & Secret Key.

If you encounter any issue, please submit a ticket.